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Fangtek offers an equal opportunity and a challenging position for you to make a real difference.

We sincerely hope you join Fangtek for a bright future together.


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Design Engineer Sales Engineer
QA Manager Field Application Engineer
Test Engineer Application Engineer


Design Engineer

Job Description

    • Perform circuit design, analysis, verification and support to layout designers to meet product specifications and application requirements.
    • Work with project leaders to complete the project accurately and timely and coordinate with other departments related to IC development.
    • Participate in product evaluation work and continuously acquire advanced technical skills and design methodology.

Job Requirements
    • Master or above in Microelectronics-related fields with knowledge of IC design and semiconductor device physics,
    • 3+ years related working experience,
    • Solid technical background in audio amplifier, LED driver, and DC-DC Converter products.
    • Familiar with EDA design tools, such as Cadence, Matlab, Hspice,
    • Teamwork spirit and good communication skills.
    • Innovative with strong analytics skills.

Test Engineer

Job Description
    • Working with design engineers to define the IC testability during the design phase and test plan.
    • Develop test program and hardware for analog /power IC product.
    • Debug and utilimize test software/firmware for mass production
    • Working with sub-contractors of CP and FT from setting up to full production.
    • Monitor mass production

Job Requirements
    • B.S, or above.
    • Minimum 2-3 years of experience as test engineer in semiconductor industry.
    • Good software skills in C and C++ are needed.
    • Master on popular PCB design software at least, e.g.: Altium Designer, Pads, Protel , Allegro or others.
    • Experience in Audio Amplifier, DC-DC, LED driver ICs is a major plus.
    • Experience in AccoTest, Eagle, ASL1000, Amida1000 or TR6800 is preferred, and know test theory of tester well.
    • Good communication and inter-personal skills with IC design team and external service vendors.
    • Knowledgeable in statistical tools and SPC methodology.


Application Engineer

Job Description
    • Design, test & evaluate circuit built with the company's products.
    • Build the demo board & expand application range according to the standard reference design or prototypes.
    • Track, review, and document the technical issues & solutions.

Job Requirements
    • B.S, Electrical Engineering is preferred.
    • Having minimum of 2 years of working experience in related industries.
    • Familiar with at least one schematic/ PCB tool.
    • This position requires excellent written and oral communication skills.
    • Experienced in audio amplifier, LED driver, DC-DC converter products.
    • Familiar with various lab equipments and measurement.


Sales Engineer

Job Description
    • Work with distributors and customers to meet sales revenue target.
    • Understand and meet customers’ requirements
    • Identify and develop new customers for existing and new products.
    • Collect market data and customer requirements for new business development.
    • Finish the business reports to manager on time.

Job Requirements
    • B.S, or above.
    • Having minimum of 2 years of working experience on IC/Wafer business.
    • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Dynamic and results-oriented attitude.


Field Application Engineer

Job Description
    • Technical support to customers for design-in and application-related issues.
    • Handle customers' complaint for failure analysis and problem solving.
    • Collect market data and customer requirements.
    • Provide technical training to distributors' personnel.

Job Requirements
    • B.S, or above.
    • Minimum of 2 years of working experience in analog power integrated circuits.
    • Good communication skill, teamwork.
    • Open minded, willing to learn, creative.


QA Manager

Job Description
Establish, implement, and supervise the requirements of Quality Management System, monitor related qualifications of supplier, and control the in-process quality activities, make the decision regarding quality issues with the objective of meeting the quality requirement within Company’s quality policy.
    •Coordinate the cross function teams to analyze and to close the customers’ complaints in time.
    •Prepare the report, visit or call the customers when necessary.
    •Track the effectiveness of the corrective actions to prevent the recurrence.
    •Prepare, update and maintain quality control plans.
    •Process audit and maintain the control plan.
    •Issue VFR to suppliers for non-conformed material, and follow up.
    •Participate in new supplier qualification.
Job Requirements
    •B.S, degree in microelectronics or related fields.
    •Minimum 5 years related working experience as a QA Leader or QA Engineer in a semiconductor company.
    •Good analytical and trouble shooting skills.
    •Be familiar with ISO9001 standards and requirements.
    •Good communication and interpersonal skills.
    •Be familiar with semiconductor manufacturing processed such as wafer fabrication, packaging, and test.
    •Responsible, reliable and results-oriented.


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