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Fangtek Overview

Fangtek Ltd. designs, develops, and markets high efficiency, high performance analog and mixed-signal power management integrated circuits for the communication, computing, and consumer markets. As a value-added, quality, and reliable integrated circuit supplier, we dedicate on advanced and innovative power management solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands for greater power efficiency.

Through our proprietary integration and optimization of power device technology and mixed-signal design techniques, we offer a wide range of cost-effective, high performance audio power amplifiers, LED drivers, and voltage regulators for the versatile applications in audio, lighting, and supply voltage regulation.

Our power management solutions offer the values including:

High Performance
Our products are designed to meet or exceed the demanding power requirements. With advanced process and device technologies, our products operate at much higher frequencies compared to conventional management integrated circuits.

Low Cost
Our highly integrated products are designed for substantial cost advantages to our customers. By employing reduced-set manufacturing processes and system-level applications expertise, our products offer lower overall system cost and quicker time-to-market for our customers.

Small Form Factor
Thanks to their higher operating frequencies and greater power efficiencies, our products are allowed to be packaged in smaller footprint packages and work with smaller value external components, resulting in much less space on the system board.

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